Prompt Challenge


i learned a new word today from today’s one word prompt by the daily post. ruminate. honestly, it’s not something that i often hear. ruminate is when you think deeply about something, like when you’re going to decide about something important. to ponder, contemplate, consider.. nah, that’s the word i often heard.

year ago, in my first month working at the kindergarten, i ruminate.. is this the right decision that i made? i’m not the type that can be familiar with kids easily. they usually not interested with me because i’m too serious, haha. i considered moving to another job. but after think deeply about it, i choose not to.

and here i am, a year later.. happy and content with my job. i am grateful that i didn’t take a hasty decision that day. that i choose to ruminate it over.

based on prompt : Ruminate


Hello Again!

akhirnyaa.. bisa nulis lagi. these last few weeks is a busy week. mulai dari UAS Paket, persiapan UNBK kesetaraan, pelantikan PC Himpaudi, sampe kegiatan diklat dasar n lanjutan seminggu ini. fyuh..

exhausting yet exciting 🙂

alhamdulillah UAS paket udah selesai, sekarang tinggal ngurusin laporan hasil kegiatan diklat sama persiapan UNBK. syemangaatss!