Prompt Challenge


i learned a new word today from today’s one word prompt by the daily post. ruminate. honestly, it’s not something that i often hear. ruminate is when you think deeply about something, like when you’re going to decide about something important. to ponder, contemplate, consider.. nah, that’s the word i often heard.

year ago, in my first month working at the kindergarten, i ruminate.. is this the right decision that i made? i’m not the type that can be familiar with kids easily. they usually not interested with me because i’m too serious, haha. i considered moving to another job. but after think deeply about it, i choose not to.

and here i am, a year later.. happy and content with my job. i am grateful that i didn’t take a hasty decision that day. that i choose to ruminate it over.

based on prompt : Ruminate

Prompt Challenge



sometimes i feel like i just live in a monotonous life. i wake up, go to work, then go home and sleep again. but there was a message from my junior high school teacher which i still remember till now,

there’s no same day.everyday that you live is different. perhaps you feel like doing the same things everyday, but please be aware that everyday is not the same.

the road that you pass to go to work every day may always be the same, but there is definitely one thing that distinguishes it from yesterday. your work at the office may be the same as yesterday, but there must be a different story today. be aware of your surroundings.

*based on prompt : Aware